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What about your privacy protection?


When you provide us with personal information (for example, to become a member through this site), we undertake to process that data in accordance with the legislation on the protection of privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ) established rules. Information related to union membership is considered “sensitive” by that legislation. As a result, we will never transfer this data to third parties, such as employers, political parties or movements, other associations of any kind, marketing services, etc. All our staff have made a discretion regarding the use of that data.

We have taken great care to protect our IT system. In accordance with the law, you have the right to access your data and you have the right to have any errors corrected or to have your data deleted or transferred. For the ACV you can exercise this right in the following way:

You can consult or change your basic personal data on under the heading “My ACV” or in your nearest service center.

Go to your nearest ACV service center to assert your rights (deletion or transfer of your data).

The ACV must answer your request within one month.

If you contact us to submit an application for unemployment benefits, subsistence benefits or trade union premium, or to file a complaint about labor, social security or other fields for which we are responsible, we will have to collect and process other information. Obviously, this processing is not only in accordance with privacy legislation, but also in accordance with the principles of professional secrecy, as guaranteed by criminal law.

Questions about your online privacy? Contact the ACV

You don’t want sensitive personal data to end up in the wrong hands. Think of information about your health, your political opinion, your philosophical beliefs,… According to the “General Data Protection Regulation”, information about your membership in a union is also sensitive personal information. In other words, nobody, not even your employer or the government, is entitled to this information. To contact us, please make your choice below.

Are you an ACV militant or processor?

Have you identified a problem with your personal data? Contact us by e-mail.

Are you a member of the ACV? Or have you been a member?

Do you have a question about your rights regarding personal data? Or do you think you have been the victim of an infringement? Send us an email with your first name, surname and date of birth


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